10 CBD-Related Brands You Should Be Getting Up On In Winter 2021

One of the most buzzed about terms with the health space over the past few years is “CBD.” Unfortunately it is not easy to explain what CBD — a non-psycho-active cannabinoid present in both cannabis and hemp — is to the everyday person. And on top of that, not all CBD-related products are regulated by […]

Xtract Energy is something new in energy drinks

Created by a group of individuals who saw a need in the marketplace, Xtract Energy® was developed to be the next step for the energy drink and CBD market. Xtract Energy® is sugar-free, has zero calories, and features 20mg of CBD along with all-natural ingredients and flavors. Made from hemp-derived CBD isolate, Xtract Energy® contains […]


Are you someone that needs a little boost every now and then? Do you love drinking energy drinks to give you that boost? If so, you’re probably a lot like me, but being a borderline diabetic, it was too much sugar. What if I told you that there’s an energy drink that has no sugar? […]

Xtract Energy Soft Launch

Xtract Energy® Product Launch Five serial entrepreneurs launch new CBD energy drinks from their Virginia Beach Headquarters. Virginia Beach, VA: Xtract Brands today announced the launch of Xtract Energy, a new sugar free CBD-infused energy beverage. Xtract Energy is naturally flavored, keto friendly, contains 0% THC and rich in vitamin B. “Our product was an […]

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